Integrated Dance

Integrated Dance: Part 1 – A 6 Day Training Intensive with Ashley Lopez

We are proud to present Part 1 of Ashley Lopez’s brand new two-part training and teaching certification programme for the first time in Europe. Continue reading for more information about the programme itself and for the week’s schedule.

Integrated Dance is a comprehensive training program designed to efficiently combine excellent dance technique with the understanding of basic anatomy and to intelligently implement target-specific cross-training with yoga, Pilates and fitness.  Students will undergo fundamental music training, and learn cueing techniques and other pedagogical strategies for creating organised, safe and effective classes for all levels of students with various learning styles.

No matter your dance style or background, this program is designed as an intensive physical training program to help you increase strength and flexibility while sharpening dance technique and teaching skills.

The program has been created to help you deepen your knowledge of movement, anatomy, musicality, and to give aspiring or current dance teachers the opportunity to expand their teaching skills so that they become clear, confident, easy-to-follow instructors able to navigate any classroom of students.  After completing this program, participants will be able to design well-balanced dance classes which integrate cross-training with their dance training and choreography.

PART 1 is a week-long intensive which offers students a space to dive into physical dance technique training and conditioning.  During this half of the program, students will study the basics of music as it applies to dance and human anatomy as it applies to movement. Students will also learn how to develop their own personal training programs in order to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

Dancers of all styles and abilities are welcome, though a minimum 3 years dance experience is required.

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