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Alexis Southall began hosting events in 2011. Her first event “Bellydance Vaudeville” was the first of its kind in the West Midlands, and led her to creating an annual fusion bellydance festival “Infusion Emporium”. Year after year, Infusion Emporium welcomes attendees and performers from all over the UK, Europe and beyond. Check out the previous IE events below.


Infusion Emporium Presents… Leo Orchidaceae & Alexis Southall – 25-26th March 2016

Teachers: Leo Orchidaceae & Alexis Southall

A weekend of workshops covering Tribal Fusion and Hip Hop techniques for Fusion dancers.


Infusion Emporium VI – 3rd  – 6th November 2016

Teachers: Amy Sigil, Anasma, Piny Orchidaceae, Inga Petermann.13062563_10156866732275188_832558240_o

Performers at Infusion Emporium Show: UNMATA, Anasma, Orchidaceae Urban Tribal, Piny Orchidaceae, Inga Petermann, Leo Orchidaceae, ITS International, Kelli Li, Alexis Southall, Mat Jacob, Dumanni’s Dance Company, Melli Sarina, Nakari Dance Company, Cristina Zegarra, Ayana, Bianca Darkwoods, Lydia Vines, Catherine Taylor & Nicola Wigfield, Charlotte Elizabeth and special collaborations: The Juniper Project, The Juniper Collective, Piny & Leo Orchidaceae, and Inga Petermann & Alexis Southall.

Performers at Glitterball Shakedown:  Kenzi & Moony Orchidaceae, Mary Orchidaceae, Doro Altenburger, Catherine Taylor & Michaela Mab, DanceCraftians, Dawn O’Brien, Khalgani, Wreck It, The Purple Collective, ITS International, Halley & Lide, Vines Vixens, Vicki, Nia, Sophia McPherson, Dr Johnson’s Dog



15181122_1360602387297002_5280092458556985352_nInfusion Emporium Presents… HYBRID Dance Project Residency with Olivia Kissel – 5-6th March 2016

Teacher: Olivia Kissel

An exclusive intensive for 15 students.






Infusion Emporium V – 30th October – 1st November 2015

Teachers: Heather Stants, Kari Unmata, Leo Orchidaceae, Yahna.

Performers at Infusion Emporium Show: Heather Stants, Kari Unmata, Leo Orchidaceae, Yahna, ITS International, Alexis Southall, Mat Jacob, Inga Petermann, Melli Sarina, Ter’zim, Anouk & Kathleen Pearlson, Sway E’Fey, Trelle, Lydia Vines, Mandy & Charlotte, Nicola Wigfield and special collaborations: The Juniper Project, The Juniper Collective, Idalia, and Leo Orchidaceae & Alexis Southall.

Performers at Glitterball Shakedown: Inga Martini, Kathleen Pearlson, Khalgani, Wreck It, Sarah Stone, Halley Fisher, Vines Vixens, Nia, Nami, Fuck Yeah, Binita, Why Noir, Jenn.



10494947_10152642429188768_6770420743723722060_oInfusion Emporium Presents… Ashley Lopez 10 Hour Intensive – 2nd-3rd May 2015

Teacher: Ashley Lopez

An exclusive intensive for 15 students.







Infusion Emporium IV – 28th October – 2nd November 2014


Teachers: Rachel Brice, Ashley Lopez, Samantha Emanuel, Alexis Southall, Mat Jacob, Lamia Barbara.

Performers at Infusion Emporium Show: Rachel Brice, Ashley Lopez, Samantha Emanuel, Alexis Southall,  Lamia Barbara, Orchidaceae Urban Tribal, Yahna, Eliana Hofmann, Patricia Zarnovican, Devazimoirai, Kathleen Pearlson, Katana & Hot Pot International, Makosh Corporation, Dud Muurmand, Demelza Fox, Haza Nadyka, Vedra Trillian, Apsara and special collaborations: The Juniper Project, Agua Doce and Alexis Southall, Eliana Hofmann & Latifah Abdel. 

Performers at Cafe Infusion Show: Mat Jacob, Lamia Barbara, Piny Orchidaceae, Silvia Orchidaceae, Inga Petermann, Cristina Zegarra, Michaela Mab, Hilde Cannoodt, Catherine Taylor & Richard McGrath, Latifah Abdel, Eve, Ayana, Dominika Suchecka, Tanja Gruberte, Sarasvati, Charlotte Wassell, Samantha Valentine, Mayuri, Fulya, Khalgani, Halima Sagira & Halley Fisher, Lyza Chthonia, Mana’s Oriental Express, Jasmin Victoria, Wreck It, Kitty Kohl, Merrion and Biess. 

Performers at Glitterball Shakedown: Leo Orchidaceae, Kenzi Orchidaceae, Halley Fisher, Vinas Vixens, Serendipity, Silvana, Nouveautronics, Halima Sagira, ITS International, Katie Ness, Manda Varta, Babylon Zoo, Maureen Theresa, Nami, Project Steam, and Severn Sisters.



What About You?Infusion Emporium Presents… What About You? – 31st May – 1st June 2014

Teacher: Tjarda Van Straten

An exclusive intensive for 15 students.








Infusion Emporium III – 15-17th November 2013


Teachers: Kami Liddle, Heather Labonte, Giuliana Angelini, Alexis Southall.

Performers at Infusion Emporium Show: Kami Liddle, Heather Labonte, Giuliana Angelini, Alexis Southall, Tjarda Van Straten, Afsana, Martina Viewegova, Bex, Dawn O’Brien, Khalgani, Kathleen Pearlson, Sarasvati, Anouk, Jaydee Amrita Copperfield, Samantha Gatehouse, Fulya, Tigerlily, and special collaborations – The Juniper Project, Catherine Taylor & Demelza Fox, Alexis Southall & Heather Labonte, Alexis Southall & Tjarda Van Straten.

Performers at Glitterball Shakedown: Charlotte Wassell, Afsana & Martina Viewegova, Dawn O’Brien, Demelza Fox, Bex & Tigerlily, Bargheust, Maureen Pemberton, Katana ITS, Silvia Bueno, Alexis Southall, Robyn Richardson, Women of Mass Distraction, Catherine Taylor & Nicola Wigfield, Halima Sagira, Nicola Hatchard, Isadora.




Infusion Emporium presents…. April Rose – 16-17th March 2013April Rose

Teachers: April Rose.

Performers at Infusion Emporium Show: April Rose, Alexis Southall, Inga Petermann, Hilde Cannoodt, Ter’zimoirai, Michaela Hamajova, Dawn O’Brien, Gwen Booth, Cristina Zegarra, Fulya, Demelza, Khalgani, Tigerlily, Kitty Kohl, Amira, Sorcha Ra, Catherine Taylor, Charlotte Wassell, Lyza Chthonia, Circle of Mischeif, Nancy Warren, The Philosophy, Paulinho Dossantos.






Infusion Emporium II – 26-28th October 2012



Teachers: Deb Rubin, Illan Riviere, Vesna Zorman.

Performers at Infusion Emporium Show: Deb Rubin, Illan Riviere, Vesna Zorman, Olivia Kissel, Martina Crowe-Hewett, Giuliana Angelini, Nakari Dance Company, Inga Petermann, Cristina Zegarra, Hilde Cannoodt, Bex, Dawn O’Brien, Alexis Southall, Pearl Boheme, Sarasvati, Laura Luna, Kathleen Pearlson, Charlotte Wassell, Khalgani, Anouk, Samantha Gatehouse, Catherine Taylor, and special collaborations – HYBRID Dance Project UK, Alexis Southall & Martina Crowe-Hewett, and the European debut of Deb Rubin’s Project Merkaba.

Performers at Glitterball Shakedown: Ambrosia | Glam Tribal Dance Company, Doro Altenburger, Michaela Hamajova, Martina Crowe-Hewett, Giuliana Angelini, Cristina Zegarra, Inga Petermann, Djeynee, Alexis Southall, Dawn O’Brien, Beatrice Flowers, Maureen Pemberton, Nancy Warren, Nicola Wigfield, Circle of Mischief, Nicola Hatchard, Amber Skyline, Ozlem Green, Bex, Samantha Reader.



Chaos Carousel: An Evening of Live Music & Bellydance – 9-10th June 2012

Chaos Carousel

Teachers: Hilde Cannoodt, Chaos Carousel.

Performers at the Chaos Carousel Show: Hilde Cannoodt, Chaos Carousel, Alexis Southall, Pedralta World Fusion, Dames du Serpent, Khalgani, Samantha Gatehouse, Bedouin Shiver, Black Veil Tribal, Maureen Pemberton, Ashima Tribal, Bex.







Infusion Emporium I – 5-6th November 2011IE1

Teachers: Alexis Southall, Bex.

Performers at Infusion Emporium Show: Alexis Southall, Bex, Dawn O’Brien, Tree Russell, Tasmin Leona, Fulya, Tigerlily, Dames du Serpent, Bedouin Shiver, Khalgani, Lapis Lazuli, Kitty Kohl, Covert Bling, Maureen Pemberton, Belly Fusion Dance Collective, Kirsty Bentley.






Bellydance Vaudeville – 2nd-3rd April 2011Samantha

Teachers: Samantha Emanuel, Manca Pavli.

Performers at Bellydance Vaudeville Show: Samantha Emanuel, Manca Pavli, Alexis Southall, Dark Circus Collaborative, Tasmin Leona, Dawn O’Brien, Khalgani, Beatrice Flowers, Maureen Pemberton, Imajica Dance Company, Kitty Kohl, Fulya, Bex, Pearl Boheme, Bedouin Shiver, Dames du Serpent, Belly Dance Elements, Tigerlily, Samantha Stubbs.





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