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Want to perform at Infusion Emporium?

Yay! We’d love to have you! We have performance slots available on Friday and Sunday. Anyone is invited to submit an application form. Spots will be assigned at the discretion of the producers. Please take special note of the rules and due dates for performances when submitting your performance application. Performances are lightly curated, meaning we will be looking at style (to get a good mix) and quality of performance. But fear not, this is not a contest and is open to anyone!

Click the picture below to be taken to our application form, and read below for our performer ‘rules’.









We require performances to be no longer than 4 minutes. We are open to discussion if you would like to present something longer, but we want to try to allow as many dancers as we can a performance slot in either show, so please be considerate of your fellow applicants and remember, short is sweet!

*Detailed information on stage and venue will be included in your Performer Information email. Friday’s show will take place at The Crescent Theatre’s Studio Theatre in Birmingham, and Sunday’s after party at Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton


*Spots are assigned at the discretion of the producers, and time/day may not be changed once assigned.  

*Dancers will be notified by JULY 1st whether they have received a spot or whether they are on the waiting list.

*All show participants must be signed up to attend at least two workshops. Any applicants that have not booked workshops will not be accepted.

*All music is due NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 1st, in a single track MP3 format.  Failure to submit music by the due date will result in a loss of your performance spot.

DISCLAIMER: Applying to perform is not a guarantee that you will be able to do so. We will try very hard to fit everyone in but we can’t promise everyone will get a spot.


*PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEOGRAPHY: We will have roving official photographers on site as well as a videographer on Friday who will try to capture all performances in the best possible way. There will be no official photogapher at the after party show.

*You will be given a spot in either the Friday or Sunday evening show.  Please adhere to call times, 30 minutes prior to start of show.  You are expected to be ready to perform at any time during your show, if an emergency lineup-shift occurs.  (We’ll *try* not to, or to give plenty of advanced notice, but s^$# happens.)

*Detailed information on stage and venue will be included in your Performer Information email.

Applications after this date will not be accepted.

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