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Please note that show tickets are on sale through The Crescent Theatre, Birmingham, not through Infusion Emporium.


Friday 27th October – Annette Nicholson School of Dance, Birmingham


10-12: Ashley Lopez – The Maniacal Layering Course (AL1) – 2 hrs – £35 (25 places) – SOLD OUT!

This is a high-energy class, not designed for the faint of heart!  Expect to sweat.

Which muscles are used for hip locks, or chest pops?  What about twisting the hips, or chest slides?  Sharpen your isolations and learn to multitask by putting them on top of one another in this workshop.  We will be working through the anatomy of each lock and isolation so that you’re aware of which muscles are used to fuel the movement.  And if you don’t get it right away, don’t worry, we’ll do each move enough times so that the burning tells you what you’re working!

What is layering?  How in the world does one ever figure out how to do two of these things at once?  Why are certain moves harder to layer than others?  What moves are best to begin learning layering with?  We’ll practice slow layers, fast layers, traveling layers and POLYRHYTHMIC layers (What!?  Don’t worry, you’ll find out soon…)

This workshop is intended to be physically and intellectually challenging.  Various levels of difficulty will be offered so that participants can practice at their own pace.


12:30-3:30: Colleena Shakti (CS1) – Sculpturesque –  3 hrs – £45 (25 places) – SOLD OUT!
Discover the world of serene beauty and impactful aesthetic balance found in Indian art. This workshop will take a brief study of Indian classical temple sculpture and build dances on inspiration we find in ancient motifs. Drawing from her dense background in Indian classical dance, Colleena will share nuances, postures and details that inspire unique Indian Fusion dance combinations.

Colleena as a fusion dance teacher always seeks to offer examples of how we can honor cultures and traditions while taking great inspiration from them, rather than simply defaulting to the ‘cut and paste’ approach. By studying parallel arts such as sculpture, we can identify abstract themes in the use of the body and go beyond simply borrowing moves.

The workshop will begin with a lecture exploring the theme, followed by a warm up, movement break down and drills, followed by choreographed dance phrases. Proficiency in basic ‘belly dance’ is required (suggested 2 years belly dance experience), as we will quickly move from isolated movement break down into layering of details and choreographic concepts.

Level – Intermediate


3:45-5:45: Elizabeth Strong – Fancy 9/8 Footwork of the Turkish Roman – 2 hrs – £35 (25 places) – SOLD OUT!
This introductory course to Turkish Roman Dance will cover everything from toes to head, arms to belly. Fiery, fun footwork, and story telling gestures make this dance totally unique and expressive. Elizabeth learned this dance among the Rom (or “Gypsy”) people in Turkey, and has taught and performed for almost two decades.  She is sought out as one of the leading experts in the form and sited as an international bridge between cultures. The fancy, fun stylings of Turkish Roman dance are at once familiar and foreign to many belly dancers. The material offered in this class is challenging and deeply layered for all levels, offering sublime subtlety for advanced students and exciting overviews for beginners.  Everyone will find a way to go deeper into their own practice while experiencing the rich and wonderfully colorful, traditionally improvisational movement of Turkish Roman dance.
9/8 footwork classes are a total workout that will make you feel great, and add depth to your own dance vocabulary, whatever your background.Every participant gets a bonus MP3 download of authentic Turkish Roman music to listen to at home!



Saturday 28th October – Community Sports Centre, City of Wolverhampton College, Wolverhampton


10-1: Colleena Shakti – Tabla – Indian Fusion Dance with Colleena (CS2) – 3hrs – £45 (25 places) – SOLD OUT!
Learn a beautiful and complex fusion dance composition set to classical Indian tabla music. The richness of Indian classical drumming offers a wide scope of possibility for detail; experience Colleena’s interpretations of this harmonious instrument drawing from various dance traditions.

The workshop will begin with a warm up for the mind and body, followed by drills and then choreographed dance compositions.

Level – Intermediate


1:30-3:30: Eliana – ‘Cleopatra In New York’ Choreography (EH1) – 2hrs – £30 (25 places) – ONLY 8 PLACES LEFT!
This new extravagant choreography by Eliana will make you move across the dance floor creating a mesmerising tribal fusion performance. We will use travelling steps, turns, layering and isolations. We will also work with the quality of our movements and dynamics in dance to improve our performance skills.
Music: “Cleopatra in New York” by Nickodemus


3:45-5:45: Elizabeth Strong & Dan Cantrell –  Musicality with Live Music! (ES2) – 2hrs – £35 (25 places) – SOLD OUT!
During this two hour class we will explore musical concepts such as song structure, maqam and improvised solos, as we learn to sing and play finger cymbals to a traditional song. There will be plenty of opportunity to dance to live accordion played by Dan Cantrell! **Please bring finger cymbals, a notebook and pen.


Sunday 29th October – Community Sports Centre, City of Wolverhampton College, Wolverhampton


10-12: Elizabeth Strong – Upper Egyptian Survey & Choreography -‘Tfarag’ (ES3) – 2hrs – £35 (25 places) – ONLY 5 PLACES LEFT!
The Egyptian region along the Nile south of Cairo is known as Upper Egypt and has a rich tradition of music and dance. This workshop will cover important cultural background and traditional movements from this region. With a focus on choreography to a favourite Saiidi song “Tfarag”. This workshop is a great way to learn about culture while joyfully dancing!
-Handout will be provided.


1-3: Eliana  Breathe In, Breathe Out – Dynamics In Dance (EH2) – 2hrs – £30 (25 places) – ONLY 7 PLACES LEFT!
Our main goal in this workshop is how to express dramatic and emotional content through dance movement in Tribal Fusion using our breath and other techniques like contract-release consciously. Through the use of suspension, tension and release we will be creating organic, flowing movements, with the focus on body awareness and individuality. This workshop will help you to make your dance more interesting, expressive and unique!


3:15-5:15 Ashley Lopez – Combo Frenzy! (AL2) – 2hrs – £35 (25 places) – ONLY 1 PLACE LEFT!
A few of Ashley’s favourite combinations and choreography chunks.  Come play with sequencing and expression set to fabulous music.  Challenge your brain and technique with a few different movement combinations which will include, turns, isolations, arm work, layering and traveling.




Our refunds policy:

No refunds will be offered under any circumstances, unless the event is cancelled by Infusion Emporium and its employees. We will not be held responsible for any classes or shows missed due to your inability to attend due to transport delays and strikes, weather, illness/injury/medical conditions, personal loss, or any other act of god.

In the case of venue cancellations we will endeavour to find a replacement venue. In the event that a replacement venue cannot be found, if the event has to be cancelled or rescheduled due to this reason we will offer transfers to the new date or a full refund if required. We will not offer refunds in the event that a replacement venue is found.

In the case of teacher cancellations or delays for reasons beyond our control we will find a suitable replacement with the same experience level as the teacher. If you prefer, we will offer you a transfer to a different workshop with any of the teachers, providing the workshop still has places available. We will not offer refunds in the event of teacher cancellation, unless we are unable to find a suitable replacement. In the event that no replacement can be found, the workshop will be cancelled or rescheduled and you will be offered a refund or transfer to the new date.

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